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Pond in Park

Independent Advice, Creative Approach, Customized Planning


Serving individuals, families and business owners since 1973, our mission is to help clients develop and execute a financial plan which addresses their present and future financial needs. Our approach is confidential and consultative, drawing upon our 64 years of combined industry experience. Although most of our clients have very competent advisors, the lack of coordination in their existing planning and investment strategies oftentimes provides us with significant opportunities for consolidation and improvement. By taking a long-term approach, we assess our clients’ financial health on a cross-disciplinary basis, creating a coordinated financial plan and investment allocation tailored to address your specific goals and time horizon.  A passion for service sets us apart as we aim to provide a superior client experience through thoughtful analysis of each client’s unique situation. Acting as a fiduciary for our advisory clients, we put your needs first.

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